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Founded since 2012, PT. SUSUN KARYA RAYA first started as Omni Construction by Mr. Soehendy . Realized the inseparable relationship between design and build industry, together with Ms. Jesieca, they started Studio Alo on 2015 , an Architectural and Interior Design firm.

As creative industry encompasses a wide variety of design scope, Omni Construction and Studio Alo decided to merge under one roof , called as PT.SUSUN KARYA RAYA / SOESUN GROUP, built on August 2018.


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We at PT. SUSUN KARYA RAYA know that finding the right consultant for your business and living are a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Soehendy , B. A (Hons) Product Design

Graduated with Cum Laude at Lim Kok Wing, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . Soehendy has since worked in Penang for 2 years and returned to his hometown Medan, Indonesia on 2011 . Started his installation projects with leading creative industries in town, has led him to this interior industry. From one project to another, Soehendy created his path through F & B Interior Business and it slowly led him to other various projects and founded OMNI CONSTRUCTION. His knowledge in Product Design has helped him in understanding the beauty of Design, Details and Durability.



B.A , Product Design , 2010


• National Winner for Dyson




Jesieca , B. A (Hons) Interior Design

Focuses on Interior Architect since her study in Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. Her passion led her to further explore Creative Industries with an Award Winning Firm , FARM, Singapore. In 2 years, she had the chance to work in various hospitality projects for renown restaurateur, guided by respectable Architects.

Feeling the needs of giving back to the Creative Industries in her hometown, in 2014, she finally sets her foot in Medan, Indonesia. Retail projects started coming in not long after her return and she found herself again in hospitality projects. On 2015, she founded Studio Alo with Soehendy and on 2018 they formed SOESUN.



LASALLE College of the Arts

B.A, Interior Design, 2011