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B House


Located in a luxurious housing complex in Medan. The home owner wanted to give a touch of contemporary into his newly bought classic house without do major changes in structure.

While embracing much sunlight into the space and gives a modern taste, glass panel are maximize with no frame in the entire space.

Kitchen are purposely add behind to create an indoor outdoor interaction, with its straight layout facing gazebo and sunlight shine nicely into the space.

Wood are used in the backyard to give a touch of warm, with the same material continue to the gazebo, gives a welcoming feel into this 16m2 gazebo. This newly built gazebo are place on the corner to allow visual connection to the little garden on the side and also to the entire home especially the kitchen as the home owner loves to spend his time outdoor. Thin roof are used to not overwhelmed the design of the main structure. Gazebo's wall are finished in Statuario Grey for an additional luxury feel.