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Maximal Experience

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In this fast changing world, many business competes to create something new. With the constant introduction of new varieties and design, we spent our research on various experience that balance business , aesthetic and identity .

To help you ease your new renovation process, we guide our clients to plan their business model, budget and proposal before hand.

Our holistic approach is essential to any company looking to grow.


We are aware that many of our clients requires design proposal for approval before the project is fixed. We do provide brief consultation to help you deliver your concept.

As Research & Design is a crucial element for our firm to keep innovating new design, We consistantly build a library of Master Planning, Architect, Interior and Product Design Invention.


Maximal Experience is our main focus in creating every space. Thus, in every Residential Space, we would study our client’s hobby, behaviour and bring out the best quality of the space to make them feels like home.

Aesthetic will go with time, but the quality of space will always be there